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It is a brisk twenty degrees outside, the sun hides under a blanket of the cloud layer, and the snow begins to fall on the windshield of my car. I opened up my peanut butter sandwich, switched on some new music, and began to drift off into thought. What was I doing here? This isn’t how I imagined life? But here I was, sitting in my car eating lunch, desperately taking the allotted thirty minutes to escape my desk job.

Now, these platforms are filled with enough self-help stories (which honestly, I love), and you may have reached your limit…

We have all heard the terms before. We hear people talk about the ideas of “manifestation” and the power of “energy.” We hear people who speak of “the universe” as they sit around their Tarot card reading, burning incense, explaining how they feel based on the cards laid out in front of them. Most of these people we tend to associate with hippies, treehuggers, or lost souls. Well, let me tell you, I am one of those people, and everything you’ve heard about us is true.

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The thing with manifestation is this. Most of us have goals that seem absolutely…

Our minds have entered an era of information. We are constantly bombarded by imagery, like an onslaught of water, that has broken down the floodgates and poured its way into our minds. Every day, the mind processes thousands of images, from those on the screen in your pocket to images from social media, to simple observations of our everyday surroundings. The mind constantly takes in visual stimulation from the outside world and processes it in new and unique ways. A few images stick out, stay fresh in our minds, and lead us to make novel connections about the way we…

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In 1988, NASA Atmospheric scientist James Hansen testified before Congress on behalf of his research team to present their models that justified the existence of “global warming.” Hansen established that the greenhouse gas effect was warming the earth, causing extreme weather events, and would continue to warm the planet for the foreseeable future. The following year, the United Nations established the Inter-Governmental Panel on Climate Change to establish comprehensive reviews for elected officials on climate change science. These were monumental events in climate change science, yet here we are, still trying to fix the problem thirty years later.

Prophets and Alarms

The perception…

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Netflix recently released the new film Seaspiracy, which follows British 27-year-old Ali Tabrizi on a mission to find out what is behind the destruction of our world’s oceans. Tabrizi’s film tackles significant ocean conservation issues such as over-fishing, unethical work conditions, shark finning, and aquaculture. The film is a slap to the face to anyone who has never been exposed to the industry’s issues. The film’s vivid scenes highlighting slave labor, shark-finning, and whale hunting are gruesome and would make the likes of PETA jealous (I have beef with PETA, will explain this in a future post).

From a conservationist…

This article is powerful. The idea is something I agree with on a profound level. Climate change (and science in general) need to find ways to connect with the publics in a way that captures their attention, makes them feel, and induces a response. I think science communication needs to be a personal, emotional, and creativie. It needs to tell a story that reels the reader in, gives them the science in a unique and understandable way, and entices them to act.

We cannot continue to fill peoples heads with doomsday scenarios and negativity, we need to paint a picture of the future worth fighting for.

Loved the article, look forward to helping build a collective vision of a brighter future.

Okay, let’s run through the checklist. Wallet, check. Keys, check. Camera, check. Phone, check. Wait, let me check Instagram one more time before I head out into the field. It’s been 15 minutes since I last looked; maybe there is something new. Perhaps someone posted something interesting they are doing. Wow, what the hell is Matty doing in India. Damn, Sierra’s got another kid. Jake’s grid looks amazing…

*15 minutes later*

Okay, what just happened? Where the hell am I? Why is the sun so bright and blinding? Shit, I’m going to be late for the meeting.

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I have a…

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In a world filled with social media applications, online Reddit forums, and an endless supply of YouTube material, it’s easy to lose touch with reality. Scroll through your Instagram feed, and you’ll be overwhelmed with pictures of exotic animals, far-off destinations, and adrenaline-pumping adventure. We love it. These images spark feelings of inspiration, fascination, and longing. We long to live a life where we are catching planes to the remote corners of the world, seeking out images of the world’s magical lifeforms. The only issue is, were staring at a tiny screen, and in a matter of seconds, that magic…

Scattered all over the shelves of your local Whole Foods or Trader Joe’s are products variously labeled with several different environmental certifications. Think about the last time you went to the grocery store and bought eggs. You probably picked up the package, and on the top, there was a big sticker that said, “Cage Free” or “Free-Range.” You toss the eggs into the basket and move your way into the produce section. Everywhere you look, there seem to be more products labeled “Organic,” “Non-GMO,” or “Vegan.” The labels are lit up in bright colors, easily visible, and appear to be…

Dear Hostels,

I miss you.

I can honestly say that some of the best nights of my life have happened within the confines of hostels. I have stayed in these magnificent meeting places worldwide, from the canals of Amsterdam to the snowy streets of Banff. I have met some of the most exciting individuals and found some of the most genuine connections within hostel walls, from an Irish journalist who was on his way to Aleppo (interesting decision) to snowbird Aussies who taught me the proper way to use profanity in their language.

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